All In Good Time

A selection of our clients

"It was an inspired choice using All in Good Time for a large group event. The session really challenged the participants and took them out of their comfort zone, but there was universal positive feedback at the end. Superb preparation and professionalism by the AIGT team really gave us confidence that this would be a success and the excellent facilitation on the day made the session run smoothly. This was no mean feat! The energy and enthusiasm of the tutors was infectious and I imagine that every one of those participants will remember their experience for years to come. Thank you for making the difference."

Rachel Boxall, Head of Business Development, Qualifications, Ashridge.

“The room was filled with trepidation at the start of this team building day but by the end, we were singing in harmony, having fun and pushing our boundaries. All in Good Time’s team were enthusiastic, positive, supportive and motivating – true professionals. They delivered a fantastic day and the results were there for everyone to see in the show at the end of the day. A great way to challenge our staff and encourage communication and working as a team, with brilliant results!”

Stephen Hill, Partner, Bolt Burdon Kemp Solicitors

“The Mood and atmosphere were really great as it can be a bit daunting but they made you feel so confident and so encouraging I ended up really enjoying myself.”

“Even if people have got a musical background, by switching people around on instruments it put everyone on the same level so you don’t feel intimidated or embarrassed.”

“A great concept that we would definitely recommend.”

Exclusive Hotels Sales Team.

“I was sceptical about how we were going to be able to create a band and perform within a few hours of training; however I was very surprised with what we achieved as I didn’t think I was musical. It a refreshing team building activity and is very mind-opening.”

Yan Ping – Head Of Marketing, The Landmark London.

“BBK engaged the services of All in Good Time earlier this year for what turned out to be a really cracking day at the Islington Business Design Centre. In fact I can’t recall so much excellent feedback and fun being generated by any previous initiative. The event was well organised, structured in a time conscious manner and is still discussed months afterwards. I attended the end of the day concert and, as an aside, to see some of my partners facial expressions as they struggled (and succeeded!!) to get the right sound out of a Gibson Les Paul guitar was, alone, well worth the price of admission. It seems the event may well have spawned a BBK band.”

Roger Bolt, Senior Partner, Bolt Burdon Kemp Solicitors