All In Good Time

All In Good Time (AIGT) is a global provider of music-based experiential learning and organisational enhancement.

We have worked with a range of industries across the world and have established ourselves at the forefront of experiential learning through music. Our revolutionary and innovative approach to connecting people and developing positive behaviours is delivered through our inspirational and energetic team of music and organisational development professionals.

What we do

We deliver innovative music workshops that motivate and inspire people to go from being an ‘OK‘ performing team to an ‘Outstanding‘ team.

Our experienced music industry professionals create a fully interactive experience that enables ongoing learnings to be applied back to your objectives and workplace priorities. An experienced Organisational Development facilitator provides leadership and intervention throughout.

We work with you to define a real scenario facing your organisation or team in advance. This enables us to map and tailor the workshop to individual and group defined needs.

The typical scenario

A business might come to us when they find their organisation stuck in a behavioural cycle that they are unable to break out of. Getting to the root cause of issues and finding real solutions to move on is challenging. This is because they are reluctant to question their own perspectives or to challenge each other. Their organisation’s cultural norm can sometimes be to display self-confidence and avoid the risk of perceived failure. Or simply not allowing the time for experimentation and effective dialogue and debate.

Experience consistently shows that when a team is taken into a completely different environment they discover their strengths and find new and effective ways of working together.

Creativity is at the heart of this. Just as exercise is an antidote to a range of life’s health and emotional challenges, unleashing creativity is inherently connected to improved wellbeing, communication and confidence. All key attributes to a happy working individual.

This team build does just that and challenges them to take risks, push the personal envelope and discover and rediscover empowering behaviours and skills.


  • Prepare your team for a business critical project
  • Motivate your team to perform to their full potential
  • Develop your team’s confidence and drive
  • Re-energise and re-focus your team, have fun and give them a day they’ll never forget
  • Improve cross team collaboration
  • Develop, manage and restore high-trust relationships
  • Enhance communication
  • Develop a more cohesive, committed and resilient workforce